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Cheese pastry, rich cheese fragrant layered crust, with all kinds of ingrediants are excellent and delicious, it can also be used in or go with toast (such as making cheese hot dog rolls, puff pastry soup and crisp toast with egg, spread on the jam etc...).

Puff Pastry, it is made from vegetable oils and a good puff pastry food choice for vegetarians. Various products are made according to everyone's preferenceand ideas, and the baked products are crisp and delicious, such as pastry soup, crisp pie, palmier , and almond strips etc...

FUN green onion pancake, you can feel the rich layer of the pastry when you take a bite, retain the taste of pancakes, and add the aroma of cheese pastry. It is crispy and more delicious when you eat with eggs. Welcome to buy scallion pancake wholesale.