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Professional production of frozen egg tart shells, Portuguese egg tarts and differentl kinds of tart shells, welcome for baking supplies wholesale purchases.

The tart shell of Taiwanese egg tart is relatively smooth and complete, like a pot-shaped biscuit, with a milky fragrance, like a pastry filling and taste like cookie, so it is also called as a biscuit tart.

The tart shell of the Portuguese egg tart have irregular burnt spots after roasting. With this thick and slightly burnt filling, the color and taste are very harmonious, it is very integrated. After baked, when the moment that you bite it, you can hear the sound “karz" from the crispy outer layer of the tart shell.

We insist on using the 240-layer technique to made every puff pastry egg tart, which allows people to bite out the texture of the puff pastry. The taste is rich, the filling is rich, and the filling is filled all the way to the top of the tart shell, and the portion is super satisfying.