Product Name : Golden Subway Bread
Product Description
  • Name: Golden subway bread
  • Storage & Delivery Conditions: Freezing -18℃.
  • Expiration date: 180 days
  • Feature: Golden subway bread, for modern people who are pursuing health demands, freshly baked bread has a low oil content, particularly fragrant taste, chewy and palatable. It tastes crispy on the outside and soft inside the bread.

Product Introduction

  • Name: Golden subway bread (Big bite bread)
  • Specification:
    1. Length 13(cm)±5% x Width 7(cm)±5% x Height 4.5(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 70(g)±4.5G
    3. Packing quantity: 10*5 bags/case (38*30*25.7CM)