Product Name : Puff Pastry Cake、puff Pastry Sandwich
Product Description
  • Name: Puff pastry cake、Puff pastry sandwich
  • Storage & Delivery Conditions: Freezing -18℃.
  • Expiration date: 180 days
  • Puff pastry cake's Feature: Golden puff pastry is used to coat the surface of the puff pastry cake, it's fragrant, salty but not greasy. The cake body has the smooth taste, and the cake is somewhat sweet and silky. The mix of the two results in a crisp pastry and soft inside, with a delicious flavor.
  • Puff pastry sandwich Feature: The golden puff pastry sandwich has a rich aroma and not greasy. It was paired with selected ingredients using ham, special meat floss, fragrant cheese, and salad dressing. You can experience the amazing multi-layered taste with one bite. It is a popular product that the whole family loves!

Product Introduction

  • Name: (Big-A) Puff pastry cake (Original, Chocolate, Taro, Marble, Matcha)
  • Specification:
    1. Length 42(cm)±5% x Width 9(cm)±5% x Height 8.5(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 1500(g)±1.5g
    3. Packing quantity: 5 /case (48*43*11.5CM)
  • Name: (Red twelve-in) Family size puff pastry cake- Origianl
  • Specification:
    1. Diameter 41(cm)±5% x Width 10(cm)±5% x Height 5.0(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 750(g)±1.5g
    3. Packing quantity: 12 /case (43*28*20CM)
  • Name: Golden puff pastry sandwich
  • Specification:
    1. Length 32(cm)±5% x Width 11(cm)±5% x Height 7.5(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 1300(g)±1.5g
    3. Packing quantity: 6 /case (53*33.8*13.5CM)