Product Name : Pie Crust
Product Description
  • Name: Pie Crust
  • Storage & Delivery Conditions: Freezing -18℃.
  • Expiration date: 180 days
  • Feature: Frozen tart shells have irregular burnt spots after roasting. With this thick and slightly burnt filling, the color and taste are very harmonious, it is very integrated. After baked, when the moment that you bite it, you can hear the sound "karz" from the crispy outer layer of the tart shell.

Product Introduction

  • Name: Anchor 5-inch Pie Crust
  • Specification:
    1. Length(Diameter) 14(cm)±5% x Height 3(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 120(g)±5%
    3. Packing quantity: 60 /case (46*34*24CM)
  • Name: 6-inch Pie Crust (sweet)
  • Specification:
    1. Length(Diameter) 19.5(cm)±5% x Height 1.8(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 190(g)±4.5%
    3. Packing quantity: 32 /case (43*24*17CM)
  • Name: 9-inch Pie Crust (sweet)
  • Specification:
    1. Length(Diameter) 23(cm)±5% x Height 2.8(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 280(g)
    3. Packing quantity: 20 /case (46.5*46.5*46.5CM)


Product Description:

  1. Allergen Statement:Products contain Gluten cereals, eggs and milk.
  2. Avoid storing in high temperature or sunlight