Product Name : Sesame Danish
Product Description
  • Name: Sesame Danish
  • Storage & Delivery Conditions: Freezing -18℃.
  • Expiration date: 180 days
  • Feature: Sesame Danish, possess Chinese-style clay oven roll with multi-layered taste and western-style cream flavour, you can enjoy a fresh and smooth delicious flavor in the crispy, allowing you to enjoy the charming flavor of both tradition and modernity! The bread is soft and easy to bite. After reheating, it has a strong cheese flavor, which makes people feels hungary. The surface is covered with white sesames, so you can see the actual nutritional value.

Product Introduction

  • Name: Sesame Danish
  • Specigication:
    1. Length 13(cm)±5% x Width 8(cm)±5%
    2. Net weight: 65(g)±4.5G


  1. Allergen Statement: Products contain Gluten cereals, eggs, milk, and white sesame.
  2. People who are allergic to Glutathione, pregnant, breastfeeding women and infants should avoid taking it.